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Elder Strength =

Personalized Training + Physical Therapy 


Elder Strength is the intersection of personal training and physical therapy.

We specialize in supporting you in reaching your goals for activity, life, and vitality for people who:

  • Have old or new injuries that complicate exercise
  • Have been discharged from physical therapy and want to keep improving
  • Are facing chronic health issues that would ease with exercise
  • Prefer private, personally optimized workouts at home


Nate Toney is a physical therapist who specializes in gentle and effective wellness physical therapy for older adults who need support for:

  • Preparing for procedures
  • Remaining independent and gaining confidence
  • Improving stamina for an optimal life
  • Regaining strength despite injuries
  • Navigating the health care system
  • Consultation on wound management

Wellness Physical Therapy

Wellness physical therapy means you are in control of your goals and outcomes. With traditional physical therapy, insurance companies often defines treatment options and duration of treatment. They say when you’re done, even if you want to keep going.

In wellness physical therapy, your goals are at the center of our work together.

In addition, your strength and muscle mass has a huge impact on the quality of your aging, including optimized metabolism, balance, and sense of vitality. If you’d like to optimize your elder years, strength is a key component and we’re here to help.


Nate Toney, MPT

Concierge Physical Therapist, Move Mountains Wellness



Wellness-Focused Physical Therapy

Wellness-focused physical therapy is focused on serving people as a whole person, and not just a body part.

Wellness-focused physical therapy focuses on using movement to enhance strength, fitness, posture, confidence, balance, and, perhaps most importantly, fun! This philosophy of movement is designed to increase your confidence in daily life and open doors for new adventures.


Our Goal for You

Our goal for all our clients is for you “make friends” with your body, as well as movement and activity so you can be the confident, thriving, and vital person you deserve to be.


Insurance-Free Zone

In order to deliver the highest possible level of care to our clients, we do not work with insurance companies. However, we’re happy to work in coordination with therapists and services covered by Insurance for optimal outcomes.

Where Do We Work?

We come to you!

During our first visit, you can expect an in-depth assessment, discussion of your health, and goals. From there, we’ll come up with a plan for how we’ll work together and some exercises or activities to work on between sessions. In home sessions are available in the Reno/Sparks area in northern Nevada.

Online Services

We can provide online services, depending on the safety of you doing exercises alone or with a caregiver in person. We can do a lot together over the internet, including a discussion of your current situation, goals for your health and your future, and support and guidance during your sessions. We can also instruct your caregivers on how to best support you in your health goals between and during sessions.

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Wellness Physical Therapy FAQs

Insurance only covers so much Physical Therapy (PT) per patient and per injury. Many people want more ability, strength, confidence, and support than insurance-covered PT can provide. Move Mountains Wellness does not accept insurance or provide insurance-covered services, so that we are free to meet your goals as you define them. By all means, use your insurance to the fullest of its potential and then come to Move Mountains Wellness for your next steps in claiming your vitality.

You will be given an exercise plan that will be updated weekly and you will be asked to exercise between 3x per week to daily. However, your plan will be intended to fit your lifestyle and your goals.

We recommend a minimum of 4 feet by 10 feet.

This will vary, as everyone is different, but they’ll be around 45 minutes. My goals is to help you meet your goals.

We will provide all the equipment needed, including some basic items for you to keep at home for yourself. If special items come up as ideal for you, we’ll talk about what is feasible for you to purchase or how to access it in the community, such as a swimming pool.

We’ll work out a schedule that works best for you.

Free Consultation

We’re happy to provide a free consultation. Call Nate at 775-813-0830 or nate@movemountainswellness.co



$100 / 60 minutes

$60 / 30 minutes

Sessions take place in your home or preferred setting. We bring the equipment you’ll need to be successful in your goals.

Shall we talk?

Cell Nate at 775-813-0830 or email nwtoney55@gmail.com.